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2017/2018 University of Ibadan(UI) Postgraduate Forms Is Out

Open the link and fill appropriately as follows:
This takes a different format from other years and should be followed with the keenest of interests.

The link is as follows:
Other Names:
Phone No:
E-mail Address:

You await a 3minutes timeline and then receive a mail on ur e-mail address,having your APPLICATION NUMBER AND PASSWORD.
After this is sent to you,there is a column for ACTIVATE APPLICATION NUMBER AND PASSWORD ON THE SITE,
Input the application no and password sent,and fill in appropriately in the following order of:
Proposed Faculty:
Proposed Department:
Proposed Progamme (MSC,MPhil,PhD,etc):
Field of Interest(ur major/option you aspire to study):
Mode of Study:Part-Time or Full-time
PS:You are best advised to pick Full-time(even though its understandable that some people do work),especially for applicants aspiring for academic.

This further leads you to an invoice page,which is printed and taken to the bank for payment.
Take note that this form must be used while paying in the specified banks only;which are
GTBank, Skye Bank and/or The UI Micro-finance Bank.
The fees can still be paid via mobile banking,using the online portal of the aforesaid two banks.
Fee is #16000 for Academic Masters and Postgraduate Diploma;
#21000 for Professional Masters,and
#13000 for MPhil/PhD aspirants
The form has a finite window of 6 weeks.
Best of Luck.
(Mods do well to help someone)

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