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SHIM Press Club launches another version of their blog. Comr Emjay

After few reviews and considering the election coming the SHIM PRESS CLUB  has launched another version of their blog which is now incorporating the following:

Chat roll live chat (this was put in place to enable students ask questions during manifesto)Live Traffic Feeds (this is to know the location of our fans, to know where they are reading our blogs from).New beautiful theme.Google Translator and many embedded programs.Page Views
These are just few that we deemed it fit to reveal now, watch out as many more will be show casing as the needs for it comes. To enjoy all the benefits, switch to web version, i promise you, you wont go for the mobile anymore. Thanks to all our readers.
I am Olaniyi Olaoluwa

We have been hustling before we left school. Com Alimi Wasiu

My name is Olaniyi Olaoluwa promise a.k.a Comr Emjay I am a student of SHIM UCH and also a member of SHIM Press Club please can i have an e-interview with you
Good job bro, i have seen lot of work u have been doing, God help you. Sure ask any questions am ready to answer u
please can i meet you sir
Am Alimi Wasiu Adedeji A.K.A Capo   I finish from school of health information management UCH also and am once a sport director of my noble school
So how has been life outside school
Life after school is great, Because we have been hustling before we left school
What are the good things you can point to during ur service in the union
Hmm alot bro
Please can you discuss some with us
Because we always get support from my great coordinator in respect of Mr Wole Lanlehin and his Co Workers like Mr Oyelami and the rest. I wish i could point but it has been long because you know as a hustling guy, you focus on future.
Please tell us at least one great thing you moved as a union then, i mean in your reg…

Madagascar gains independence from France on my Birthday. Hon Okusami Muyiwa

I want to appreciate God for allowing me witness another year in the land of the living, i never count it as a right but a priviledge from God.

To those that asked for their cake, i have another gift for you, do you know that on my birthday, Madagascar got their independence from France, i know you don't, so now you know, that's my gift for you. This he said to the press when he was being given an e-interview on his birthday and promised to show up in person to have a live interview before SHIMDecides2017.

"Everyday above ground is a good day ." Thank you everyone, for the lovely birthday wishes. The years have gone by so fast and God blessed me with a wonderful family and friends. Love and kisses to you all.

I am Adedokun Micheal

SHIMDecides2017: I don't need a campaign manager. God will campaign on my behalf. Com Babawale James

One time Sport director  and Vice  president responded to Miss Ilesanmi post "intelligence  alone is not enough in leadership". Everybody has got their view about politics. Your view, the way u see politics and play politics matters a lot. It's not about being intelligent.

It encompasses courage and intelligence and mutual reaction to adverse situation around you.
Your social life does not determine you will be good in politics, neither just intelligence.

He said politics in School Of Health Information Management UCH Ibadan, is not a do or die thing but in real life politics it is a do or die thing, because it is a just a school, although it keeps you fit for leadership positions in future. He said all this when he was having an e-interview with the SHIM PRESS CLUB

I don't need a campaign manager, God will campaign on my behalf, i am not sounding religious, that is just me, Com James Babawale said when he was given question on if he would be available for the secret…

Eid al-Fitr is seen as a time of forgiveness and of being grateful to Allah for helping people to complete their fasting. Islamic Scholar

After a month of fasting, prayer and alms-giving, Muslims around the world will welcome the end of Ramadan either June 25 or 26, depending on when the new moon is seen. Eid al-Fitr means "festival of the breaking of the fast" and it is one of the biggest celebrations in the Islamic year. Since Eid begins with the first sighting of the new moon, most of the Muslims have to wait until the night before Eid to verify its date. The starting date varies each year and from country to country due to geographical location. After the moon is seen, it is celebrated for three days and on the morning of the first day, Muslims gather for prayer. This festival is infused with different traditions that vary in different countries. Most people use the three days for visiting their friends and relatives. Other traditions include the "Eidiyah", in which cash gifts are given to children from elders and relatives. The occasion is seen as a time of forgiveness and of being grateful to …

Your involvement in politics at early stage would motivate you to become or rule the nation in future. Mr Pelumi Oyelami

Mr Oyelami Oyebode Pelumi  an academic officer in the school commended the Shimpress club for organizing the presidential debate and also commended them they  are making a good move and advice to keep it up and also implore students to join the club because he is sure they will do well.

I promised to link the press club to the school website, under the club and societies forum and today I went to our programmer and gave him the site and told him to link it to the websites

Your involvement in politics at the early stage would motivate tou to become or rule the nation in the future. Politics is not a do or die affair but we take it by whatever means it will take. but it does not include killing, destroying properties, tribalism, religious biasment, nepotism and so on but it includes unity of the mind and the purpose of interest.

Lets minimize hatred. God bless SHIM, God bless Student Union.

Our Leaders lacks leadership skills. Mr Mustapha Hamid

Mr Mustapha Hamid was live at the presidential debate organized by the Shimpress club of the School of Health Information Management  UCH IBADAN.

The school is moving forward and the saddest part of the occurrence is that the student union is moving down. My plan majorly is to uplift the Union and to make us follow the trend of developments in the school.

He said what is affecting our union majorly is that our leaders lacks leadership skills; a leader that wants to do everything by himself without delegating, that is a ruler not a leader.

we the students also are affecting the union, because there is no unity amongst us. Also there should be transparency in government, this what will be improved on if elected he said.

 During the blogspot, where the aspirants will convince his counterparts to step down for him, Mr Mustapha made mention of the following keys why he is better than Comrade Akande;
you know I welcome ideaI have been managing many things in the academics more than you do and y…

The major problem of the union is lack of effective communication. Com Akande Mayowa

Com Akande Mayowa was live at the presidential debate organized by the Shimpress club of the School of Health Information Management  UCH IBADAN.

Our major problem has a union is lack of effective communication, he itemized some scenarios that happened in the past executive and all was due to lack of communication.

he also said the union is suffering from one team spirit. this was part of the problem the comrade mentioned during his opening speech at the presidential debate. He  said when there is a linkage within the house, anybody can break into the union.

Thirdly he said the union lacks transparency in Government. he later explained that when a union is transparent, building a one voice will be easy.  He didn't stop by only itemizing the problem, he also gave the solutions.

Firstly getting all students to be in one accord, secondly the union should be transparent and lastly getting information to the student very fast.

During the blogspot, where the aspirants will convince his…

I am not aware that the election is in 6days. Mr Lanlehin

The Shimpress club visited Mr Lanlehin immediately after the debate to know his view about the forth coming election. But to the amazement of the club the Head of School was unaware of the election date.

He gave advice to the Independent Student Electoral Committee that they should make a proper announcement and create a thick awareness about the election process to the students. when the accreditation will be starting e.t.c

He also admonishes the student to learn from the past administration, with all promises they gave that were unfulfilled and he also showed his displeasure to the regime led by Com Akanmu Mujeeb. He said they did very bad in their financials. Can you imagine someone requesting for money from the union funds for personal business? he said.

He shew the student who he really was. The student voted Mujeeb with the hope that he will cause problem with the management due to his strong and stubborn attitude but the management folded their arms and accepted who the stude…

Intelligence alone is not enough in Leadership. Miss Ilesanmi

Interview with miss Omotunde Ilesanmi

Good afternoon ma, can we meet you ma

Afternoon, My name is Omotunde Ilesanmi, a lecturer in School of Health Information Management, University College Hospital Ibadan.

Thank you ma, SHIMDecides 2017 is in 6 days and two of your students Com Akande Mayowa and Mr Mustapha Hamidu, are vying for the presidency, what can you say about them

Firstly, both of them are wonderful. I will start with Mayowa first, he has always been a student who have a mind of his own, he could be a little bit stubborn but stubbornness can be good and if the stubbornness is converted into something good, you can be stubborn for a very good cause. I like the fact that he is intelligent and because he applied his intelligent practically. Hamid in the other way round is a star student and he has been a student who is after the lecturer’s heart, and he has been a class governor for the past two years, very punctual in all lecture and intelligent and that could work for him, but in…

Throwback Pictures

Health week is one of the most expected activities of the student union body of School of Health Information Management University College Hospital Ibadan. Com Akanmu Mujeeb was a successful in the aspect of having a full week for the fun of students that voted him in.....
Many pictures are still loading................

Additional Payment of #500 will be added if you fail to pay the S.U.B fee before Friday. RT Honourable Speaker

The auditing meeting started at exactly 1:13pm. During the meeting, the Vice President, Treasurer, Fin sec, Gen sec defended their reports and in which the RT Honourable speaker, in person of Honourable Badmus Ademola Baaki, moved a motion that any executive council that fails to pay the Student Union Body fee before Friday, will pay an additional  #500, which was seconded by Honourable Abdulwasiu Toheeb.
The dissolved president absconded from the auditing meeting, the following questions are what the honourables are asking each other
does he know we have this meeting has he confirmed. that he looted the union funds. amongst others

UCH turns Shoprite as car park carries tarrif

UCH is making life hard for us as patients. we pay thousands here in this hospital so is it going to be okay or nice enough to start paying for parking space too. this another means of privatization that we are shouting we don't want. this was said by a patient glancing through the fee when the press crew was moving around the venue.
Another patient said, only places where people catch fun is where gate fee or park spaces are paid for. But imagine we have a family member here lying down, we are yet to gather the funds for that, so it is car parking tariff that we should be looking for now  .
The security man in charge said that was what he saw early today, he also said he does not think it is the next thing to do but when the C.S.O comes tomorrow we will ask pressing questions like are staffs going to be paying too? we look forward for good things not privatization again.

I was excluded from my office. Com Olusegun Fisayo

Comrade Olusegun Fisayo the ex-social directress of the student union body of School of Health Information Management University College Hospital Ibadan made mention that she was excluded from her office as social directress of the school during the annual health week done in May.

The association was to embark on an official assignment which the school management  appointed the director of socials and planning committee chairman to go for the assignment. Instead, the President and the Vice president went,  excluding me. Ever since then, my office became irrelevant since the president overtook it .

She also said "the only thing I know about the health week program is that I drafted the order of programme and that as all". In addition she said she was willing to serve but the present central executives of the house were more interested in her office.

What we need is positive change. Mr mustapha Hamid

An interview by Fadeyi Margret with one of the aspirants for the post of President.
Can i meet you?
My name is Mustapha Hamidu Adegbenga, a 300level student of school of health information management, university college hospital, ibadan.
Do you have any aspiration?
Which post if I may ask?
Great! So what is your motivation, why are consideringthe presidential office?
The main thing that motivated me was the situation of the union in this institution and also the students are been deprived of some activities in the school. There are a lot of things happening. Let us take a look at the immediate past tenure. We know what we experienced and we can’t continue like that
What are the things we experienced?
I am not at liberty to say that, because we are all aware of the things going on. We need to change, not just an ordinary change, we need a positive change.
So you are planning to work towards the positive change?
So if peradventure you are the next elected President, what are the …


All students are welcomed to the presidential debate. Students please come and listen to your aspiring President, so as to  know the best for the post. come with your questions for the aspirants

SHIMDecides2017: Shimmites use your common sense. Hon Adenle Toyosi

Hon Adenle Toyosi, representing the 400 level constituency gave her words on the election coming up. She advised the Independent Student Electoral Commission to ensure free and fair election. she made reference to the last election that the election started  well but did not end when it ought to stop, which made it look like it was not fair.  she said more time should be allocated to the planning of the electoral process so as to make it surpass the former.
Hon Adenle also told the students of School of Health Information Managements University College Hospital Ibadan that they should use their common sense in voting this time,  don't  vote for your friend that is not capable. All this is just to move the union forward. 
I am Ajibola Gabriel


Wedding Bells! Wedding Bells!! Wedding Bells!!!

Martin Luther said there is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communication or company than a good marriage.

An alumnus of the school in person of Adeniyi Naffy will be engaging and joined together in a Nikkai ceremony with another alumnus in person of Adebanjo Kazeem; 3 years serving honourable in the student representative council of School of Health Information Management, University College Hospital Ibadan, chairman auditing committee amongst others.

Miss Adeniyi Naffy uploaded her pre-nikkai picture to her facebook page yesterday morning indicating that the nikkai will be holding in 10 days time. God bless the new union that will be formed. please pray, plan and prepare for the ceremony.

I am Olaniyi Olaoluwa Promise

Former President COM Akannmu Mujeeb was punished for misconduct

The former President, Comrade Akanmu Mujeeb was issued a query eight days after his dissolution. This occurred due to the misconduct which he did to the school management during the congress which was held in the school hall on the 19th of June 2017, at 12pm.
Mr Oluwole Lanlehin , the head of school called a congress to address the pressing issues in the school. During his speech about the the mismanagement of the union funds done by the team led by Mujeeb, the dissolved president was angry and raised up his hand to address the students but was not given audience, so he stood angrily and left the congress venue.
The newly elected southwest president of the National Association of Health Information Management Students in person Comrade Olaniyi Olaoluwa Promise a.k.a Comr Emjay was present at the congress, which he also show his displeasure at the attitude of the former president but told the press that he was frustrated that was why he behaved in that manner. all eyes were on him, bu…

Constitution Review reporting by Adefemi Mattew

Constitution review which is held on the 13 of June 2017 by the student representative council (S.R.C),  where we have the right honorable speaker Demola in the house and other honorables from all the constituency we have in the school. The Academic Officer of the school in person of Mr Oyebode Oyelami Pelumi, who was  one time Union Leader in National Association of Nigeria Students was in the house as well.
He started the Constitution review by congratulating the present tenure for trying to review the Constitution so that it can be pass into law for the incoming executives. He congratulated them base on the fact that three to four sets have tried to review it but they failed, he congratulated them once again for a job well down. They review all the post available for all the offices in the executive councils,and a committee has been set up for the auditing of the 2016/2017 tenure of the executive council to audit how they have spent the union's fund.
The meeting for about 3 ho…

Health Week 2017 led by Comrade Akanmu Mujeeb Reporting by Adedokun Micheal

The School of Health Information Management (SHIM) Student Union (S.U) was officially elected and inaugurated as the 2016/2017 executives early this year (January, 2017), and in which they have really served the interest of the student with the best of their capacity both with the school management and the hospital management University College Hospital (UCH).
And the first official programme that the student of the school has been waiting for was organized and directed by the executives of the student union which was the Annual Health Week 11th Edition of its kind THEME: TRANSFORMING THE HEALTH SECTOR THROUGH HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMNET, which was a great success by God's grace. The programme lasted for seven (7) days which started on May 22nd, 2017 and ended on the May 28th, 2017. in which for a while now in the history of the past executives it has been a while we have observed such complete week for our programme.
These are the programme that took place during the week :-

Throwback Pictures

The excursion dated for the 25th of May 2017, was a great fun to the student that went and many more pictures will be uploaded soon and also the interview done will be uploaded also.