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Health Week 2017 led by Comrade Akanmu Mujeeb Reporting by Adedokun Micheal

The School of Health Information Management (SHIM) Student Union (S.U) was officially elected and inaugurated as the 2016/2017 executives early this year (January, 2017), and in which they have really served the interest of the student with the best of their capacity both with the school management and the hospital management University College Hospital (UCH).

And the first official programme that the student of the school has been waiting for was organized and directed by the executives of the student union which was the Annual Health Week 11th Edition of its kind THEME: TRANSFORMING THE HEALTH SECTOR THROUGH HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMNET, which was a great success by God's grace. The programme lasted for seven (7) days which started on May 22nd, 2017 and ended on the May 28th, 2017. in which for a while now in the history of the past executives it has been a while we have observed such complete week for our programme.

These are the programme that took place during the week :-

Day 1 - Rally, Male football match
Day 2 - Symposium, Female football match
Day 3 - Cultural/Variety day
Day 4 - Excursion
Day 5 - Jumat Service
Day 6 - Dinner/Award night.

To the glory of God the programme went well and as planned, and I believe that all student that fully participated in the health week enjoyed every bit of it.

These are the names and portfolio of the executives for 2016/2017 academic session :-

Com. Akanmu Mujeeb                  President
Com. Babawale James                  Vice president
Com. Ayeni Toyosi                       Gen. Secretary
Com. Alabi Peace                         Ass. Gen. Secretary
Com. Adebanjo Oluwabunmi       Treasurer
Com. Abegunrin Tobiloba            Fin. Secretary
Com. Oyewole Zainab                  Welfare
Com. Asimolowo Odunola           Auditor
Com. Oluwasegun Fisayo             Social Director
Com. Osagbemi Deborah              P.R.O I
Com. Adejunle Uthman                P.R.O II
Com. Adeniran Ayomide              Sport Director I
Com. Ogunlade Victoria               Sport Director II 

I pray for the School management and the student as a whole that may we witness more of this by His grace.

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