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This is to draw the attention of the entire members of staff to the current outbreak of Monkeypox infection in Nigeria. As at today 10th of October, 2017, a total of 31 suspected cases have been reported from 7 states across the country: Balyesa, Rivers, Ekiti, Akwa Ibom, Lagos, Ogun and Cross Rivers. There has been no death reported and no laboratory confirmation. However, all suspected cases are being investigated and results are still being awaited.

Animal to Human Contact: Handling of infected monkeys, rats, squirrels, antelope and bush meats; Direct contact with blood, bodily fluids, or cutaneous or mucosal lesions of infected animals; Bite or scratch from infected animals; Eating inadequately cooked meat of infected animals.

Person-to-Person: Close contact with infected respiratory tract secretions, skin lesions of an infected person or objects recently contaminated by patient fluids or lesion materials. Transmission can also occur by inoculation or via the placenta.

Incubation Period: The time interval from infection to onset of symptoms of monkeypox is usually 7 to 14 days but in some cases can range from 5 to 21 days.

Treatment: There are no specific treatments or vaccines available for monkeypox infection.

Symptoms include: Fever, Tiredness, Headache, Body Aches, Pustular Rashes and Swollen lymph nodes. The Hospital Management therefore uses this medium to inform all Clinicians and other members of staff to have a high index of suspicion at our various clinics and emergency wards, taking into consideration the clinical presentations, history of contact/consumption of any of the animals listed above and travel history, especially to any of the states where the current outbreak has affected.

Standard universal precautions should be observed while handling all patients and when blood samples of suspected patients are being taken and transported to the laboratory for analysis and diagnosis. Efforts should also be made to reduce the number of caregivers to suspected and confirmed patients.

Immediate notification of suspected cases should be done to any of the following members of the UCH Committee on Response to Emergencies and Outbreak of Diseases (UCHCREOD):

1. Public Health Nursing Department (Mrs Olopha – 08131733982)
2. Clinical Epidemiology Unit (Dr Adebiyi - 08131733284)
3. Laboratory (Mr Fasina - 08131733981)

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